Our company was founded in 1963 when Antonio and Angelo Errani and their families made of their passion of the country their own job. The lands tilled with both fruit trees and vine determined a task sharing among the two brothers. On the one hand, Angelo, connected to the University of Pisa, takes care of the fruit section with the experimentation of various cultivations and holds pruning classes all over the world (Spain, Holland, United States of America, Canada, Chile, Israel…), on the other hand Antonio a very famous chef, who loves wine and good food, starts the production and the transformation of the grapes with the direct selling in the company of the wines produced. The last years of his life, Antonio, also very active in civic level, was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Rural and Artisan Bank now known as the Cooperative Credit Bank.


In the early 70ties, Giuseppe Bartolini, the son-in-law of Antonio, made his entrance into the company, as the latter left his own job to start to follow various oenology courses, thus taking the company to almost exclusively deal with the production and direct selling of wine. In the past few years, they have also started the production of extra virgin olive oil, produced in the lands of Brisighella, and of other typical products, such as the Saba. 



Our work goes at the same pace with our attention to product quality and to consumer protection. Hence, we have chosen and planted vineyards with ISO 9001 certified vines. We follow together with experts and with extreme care the treatments that will protect the final consumer, choosing a lower yield per hectare compared to our production possibilities so to favour the quality of our products.